Trasparenze - Classic opaque tights, 70 denier

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  • T-1117-153
Classic tights, opaque, 70 denier, very soft and comfortable, with comfort back panel in size...more
Product information "Trasparenze - Classic opaque tights, 70 denier"

Classic tights, opaque, 70 denier, very soft and comfortable, with comfort back panel in size XL! In many trendy colors - the perfect basic piece that every woman should have in her wardrobe!
86% polyamide, 10% elastane, 4% cotton

Available sizes: 1 (XS), 2 (S), 3 (M), 4 (L), 5 (XL)
Available colours:
farbe_bianco.jpg farbe_corda_trasparenze.jpg farbe_yellow_trasparenze.jpg farbe_arancio_trasparenze.jpg farbe_paprika_trasparenze.jpg farbe_caucciu_trasparenze.jpg farbe_marrone_trasparenze.jpg farbe_rosa-antico_trasparenze.jpg farbe_ciclamino_trasparenze.jpg farbe_amarena_trasparenze.jpg farbe_amarillo_trasparenze.jpg farbe_melanzana_trasparenze.jpg farbe_porpora_trasparenze.jpg farbe_viola_trasparenze.jpg farbe_prugna_trasparenze.jpg Farbe_salvia_trasparenze_2 farbe_militare_trasparenze.jpg farbe_petrolio_trasparenze.jpg farbe_ottanio_trasparenze.jpg farbe_cina_trasparenze.jpg farbe_zaffiro_trasparenze.jpg 
farbe_nero.jpg farbe_blu_trasparenze.jpg farbe_metal_trasparenze.jpg farbe_ebano_trasparenze.jpg farbe_senape_trasparenze.jpg farbe_rioverde_trasparenze.jpg farbe_antracite_trasparenze.jpg farbe_indigo_trasparenze.jpg farbe_verde-acqua_trasparenze.jpg farbe_olio_trasparenze.jpg farbe_oliva_trasparenze.jpg farbe_magenta_trasparenze.jpg farbe_rosso_trasparenze.jpg farbe_bruciato_trasparenze.jpg
Made in Italy


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